english  Spectroscopy & Molecular Properties of Ozone
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Fourier Transfer Spectrometer
Ozone facilities
Experiment set-up
Synthetic spectra
Data reduction
Assignment of lines


In this part, we describe the way to record and analyze ozone spectra. The first section ("FTS") is devoted to the description of the FTS working in stepping mode; the second one ("Facilities") describes the facilities (sources, cells, ...) and the next the experimental set up as ozone generation or pressure measurements. The way to calculate synthetic spectra is given in "Synthetic spectra" section. Data reduction in described in next section allows to derive experimental parameters as positions, intensities, or pressure shift and broadening. The spectra, covering all spectral range from 750 to 6000 cm-1, associated with there experimental recording conditions. These spectra allow to check S/N ratio and resolution. The following paragraph (Assignment) explains the assignments of lines: impurities and ozone. The last presentation shows various examples of agreement between observed and calculated spectra.